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Nails with Friends

Brand Ambassador

Come onboard with the SOS Beauty Team as a Brand Ambassador

Earn 20% of the profits generated in your allocated town/city. 

Via the admin panel we can monitor who has signed up, what treatment they have booked and when. This allows us to run monthly reports to check the profits for your area and your commissions. 

What Do I Need To Do As An Ambassador


You earn 20% of the income we generate in your dedicated area

A typical appointment value is around £60 

We charge the business 20% of the amount they received 

Hair appointment = £60 we take £12 as our fee

Your Commission Calculation = 20% of £12 

Your Commission Payment = £2.40

Lets look at another scenario

Sarah comes to you for a message, she mentions that she is going to her sisters wedding next month, she wants to book several treatments that you don't offer.

It's a big deal for her and she's been saving up for a while to make sure she looks her best

Teeth Whitening = £100, Our Fee = £20, Commission = £4

Hair Cut and Colour = £90, Our Fee = £18, Commission = £3.60

Nails = £50, Our Fee = £10, Commissions = £2

Lashes = £60, Our Fee = £12, Commissions = £2.40

Lip Filler = £150, Our Fee = £30, Commissions = £6

Botox = £200, Our Fee = £40, Commissions = £8

Commissions Total = £26

Sarah loves the SOS Beauty app so much she then books a couple of treatments for her mum and tells two of her friends about it. They live in the same area so even though you never met them, their appointments still get added to your commissions.

Their appointments combined double your commissions to £52

Now imagine you speak to 10 customers like Sarah over the space of the next month. That's over £520 in commissions just for speaking to customers about the SOS Beauty app

Expression of Interest Form

Complete the form to let us know which area you re interested in becoming a brand ambassador for and we will let you know if it is avaialble. 

Please note all of our brand ambassadors are required to sign a non-disclosure and non-compete order

Thanks for submitting!

Access To The Ambassador Facebook Group

Once approved you will be given access to our exclusive SOS Beauty Ambassador Group where you can share tips with others on how to build your area

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